Looking for The Geisha in Gion District, Kyoto

Looking for The Geisha in Gion District, Kyoto

Gion is a must-see if you are going to Kyoto. Unfortunately, we only had a couple of days here. There’s so much to do so hopefully we’ll be back one day.

We did see some Geisha girls so it was well worth making the effort to go.

One thing I wasn’t too keen on was the amount of harassment the poor Geisha Girls get when they made an appearance on the street. They were often surrounded by tourists shoving cameras and smartphones in their faces so they can get a picture.

The Geisha Girls are a spectacle to behold and amazing to look at in their traditional clothing and hair and make-up but I just wish that some of the more inconsiderate tourists would respect their personal space a bit more.

Gion is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit. Some of the best restaurants in Japan are found in Gion.

You should definitely make an effort to visit Gion.

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