Annapurna Base Camp

Here’s the full-length video of our Annapurna Base Camp trip. I believe that there is now a new route available and also a new road so if you would like to see what it was like back in 2011 then this video is for you. We were so lucky with this trek, everything fell into place. We did the trek with Nick our friend from the US and our guide; Puspa and his gang of excellent porters.

Trip Date

May 2011

Perfecting my serial killer pose. This is what 8 hours of almost vertical climbing and about 2 hours sleep looks like.


I think the lack of oxygen is getting to me.

Hungry Eye

Me and our intrepid guide; good old Puspa.

JV and Puspa

Fecking knackered.

JV knackered

Sweaty bugger at the Fishtail Guesthouse. I’m not putting this on for the camera, I was really exhausted. I tell you one thing though, if you want to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time then do this trek.

JV Fishtail Guesthouse

We couldn’t have asked for more on this trek. All the stars aligned for us. We had a great guide and porters and a great trekking partner (Nick). It really felt like we’d achieved something special when we finally got to Annapurna Base Camp.

If you want to push yourself mentally and physically I can highly recommend this trek. There’s some amazingly beautiful scenery to be experienced along the way as well.

We’ve been looking into the possibility of doing the trek to Everest Base Camp recently. Serena’s a bit obsessed with watching programmes about Mount Everest. I’ve got no interest in attempting to climb Mount Everest but I’d love to trek to the base camp. It’s on the ever-expanding bucket list.

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