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It was heartbreaking to see the devastation wreaked upon Kathmandu after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April 2015. It killed over 8000 people and injured more than 21,000 and hundreds of years of historical buildings were destroyed.

Trip date

May 2011

Where we stayed

Hotel Ganesh Himal, 728, Chhetrapati, Thamel, Kathmandu

Thankfully our guide ‘Puspa’ who is based in Kathmandu who lead us across the Himalayas on the Annapurna Trek was ok.

Many of the buildings and sites in and around Kathmandu that you will see in these snapshots and on my portfolio website are now sadly no longer there.

Kathmandu 1





Nepal jv



Where and what we ate

We visited the famous ‘Everest Steak Hous Restaurant’ in Kathmandu and had a massive plate of steak, potatoes and gravy just before we headed off to Pokhara prior to embarking on our trek to Anna Purna Base Camp.

I remember the food being excellent and just what we needed before walking many miles through the Himalayas.

It cost about £4 each to eat such a hearty meal.


I was looking a lot hairier than usual (those were the days). I’ve still got hair; it’s just not evenly distributed 🙂

Where is Kathmandu?

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