Puerto Madryn

One of the main reasons we came here was to see the Orca’s off Peninsula Valdes. I’ve seen Great White Sharks and a variety or Whales but I’ve never seen Orcas with my own eyes. Unfortunately, the Orca’s were nowhere to be seen.

Trip date


Where we stayed

El Retorno Travellers Hostel – Bme. Mitre 798, Puerto Madryn, Argentina

4 nights (03/01/12 – 07/01/12)

What we did

In the hope of spotting some Orcas, we went out for a day trip which included a visit to the Punto Tombo Penguin Reserve (pic’s below) and a visit to Peninsula Valdes but sadly we didn’t see any Orcas. It didn’t help that our guide kept going on about how they’d been there all week but there weren’t any today for some reason (gutted)


Oh well, it’s an excuse to go back someday. Actually, you can see Orcas off the coast of the Orkney Islands at certain times of the year as they migrate to Norway so that’s definitely on the to-do list.

Puerto penguins

Penguins galore. Funny little fellows.

Puerto penguins sea

Puerto Penguins

Having a rest from the sun.

Puerto JV2

I got attacked by this little geezer. I was kneeling down taking a photo when I felt a tapping on my shoe. It was this little bugger. I’d obviously got a bit to close to his nest.

Puerto two penguins

“You looking at me?”

Puerto JV

This was when I got savagely attacked by a killer Penguin.

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