Road Trip // Las Vegas to Tonopah (and back) | Aliens & Haunted hotels


Road Trip // Las Vegas to Tonopah (and back) | Aliens & Haunted hotels

We got married at the ‘Vegas Weddings’ drive-thru chapel in Las Vegas and then headed off to start our honeymoon on a two-day road-trip to Tonopah via the Extra Terrestrial Highway and a stop off at the Little Ale’in in Rachel, Nevada – You’ll know if you know.

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Here’s a short video which sums up nicely what we got up to on this fantastic road trip and the start of our married life. (Even though we’ve been together for 13 years – so no different really 🙂 )

The Drive-Thru Wedding Chapel


We drove in and ten minutes later we drove out as man and wife. It cost about $150 all in, leaving us to spend our cash on a three month honeymoon visiting – USA, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, India.

The Extra Terrestrial Highway


We drove for about 2.5 hours through some stunning desert scenery before we hit the ‘Extra Terrestrial Highway’. It’s a very famous place in UFO/ET folklore.

Area 51 isn’t too far from here either. You can drive to the famous Area 51 entrance sign (where if you go beyond the sign you will be arrested) but we didn’t have time unfortunately as we wanted to get to Tonopah before nightfall.


Image credit – https://www.lazygranch.com/a51sel.html


All along the ET Highway you’ll find museums and shops relating to Aliens and UFO’s.

The Little Ale’Inn

The Little Ale’Inn is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. I’ve been interested in aliens, ufo’s, cryptozoology and the paranormal since I was a kid so it’s one of those places that you get to hear about when you start looking into Area 51 and the whole alien/ufo phenomenon. It’s a bit of a geeky pilgrimage but well worth it if you are into this sort of thing.


I was outside taking these photo’s when a lady wearing overalls and an alien mask came over to greet me and give me a hug which was a very nice and amusing touch. I managed to capture some of this alien encounter in the video above.


You can actually stay at the Little Ale’Inn but we wanted to visit Tonopah so we chose to stay there instead but next time we’ll stay here. I bet the night sky is amazing as there is very little light pollution out in the desert.





There was nobody else there when we arrived apart from a lady who was looking after the place for a while and the alien lady in the overalls. We had a chat, had some chips and a coke, bought some souvenirs and headed on our way.


About 3 hours later we arrived in Tonopah. It was getting dark by now and we were glad to have reached the Mizpah Hotel after such a long drive.

You can read my review of the Mizpah Hotel here.

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to look around Tonopah. We should have spent a couple of days here really but we were on a tight schedule and had to get back to Vegas.

The next morning we got up early, got ready and left. We took a slight detour to the ‘Tonopah Cemetery’ which is situated right next to the ‘Clown Motel’ and yes, you did read correctly, it’s a Motel dedicated to clowns.

We popped in and spoke to two lovely ladies who gave us free clown noses and a couple of chocolate bars which was nice of them. We couldn’t stop long though so after we had a quick wander around the cemetery we hit the road again and made our way back through the desert to Las Vegas.


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