I love Vietnam. In fact, I think it’s my favourite South East Asian country. I love everything about it, the people, the weather, the food, everything. There really is a photo to be taken every few steps you take.

Trip date:

August 2011

What we did

Here are a few snippets from this leg of our round the world trip.

On the train to Nahtrang

JV Nahtrang

I love travelling by train in foreign countries. It’s fairly straightforward in Vietnam. The cabins are nice and comfortable and clean and there is food and drink available.

It’s definitely one of my favourite ways to travel, plus you see a lot more of the country if you travel by train.

Thap Ba Hot Springs – Shower Fail (sort of)

JV shower

I think I accidentally wandered into the ladies shower area. Only kidding; they were communal showers, not that the ladies seemed remotely bothered about me being there.

Photographing a rather ornate cemetery

This was an odd place; a cemetery right next to a beach. I think there were people actually living inside it. I don’t think they were very happy with my presence so I didn’t stick around.

I’ve been to a lot of dodgy places around the world and thankfully only had a handful of close shaves. Funnily enough, I’ve been attacked by animals more than humans. Once; in India, I got chased into the sea by a rather angry cow and I’ve had a few brushes with monkeys on my travels.

I’ve heard some real horror stories (such as backpackers getting robbed at gunpoint of everything in South America) but fortunately, nothing too bad has ever happened to me (famous last words).

You just need to be streetwise and trust your instincts.

Hue – looking for the angle

JV Hue

This was taken somewhere in Hue, we hired a motorbike for the day and just rode around.

I love hiring a bike and just seeing where it takes me. That said It’s worth doing a bit of research before you blindly ride off into the sunset just in case you end up somewhere you really shouldn’t be. I think I have a good instinct for when an area doesn’t feel right. Definitely, research any no-go areas when you are going to a foreign country – it could save your life.

Hue – Photographing The Tomb Of Emperor Khai Dinh Guardian Statues

JV Tomb

Here I am shooting the Guardian Statues (who were very happy to pose for me) at the Tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh in Hue, Vietnam. Again, another fascinating place to visit.

Wish I was back in Vietnam

Jv coke

Wish I was back there instead of cold, dark Bristol. (Not that I don’t love Bristol – I do)

I need to get back on the road asap.

I also wish I could grow a nice full beard instead of that sparse effort.

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