Bagan | Exploring Bagan by scooter


Bagan | Exploring Bagan by scooter

Exploring Bagan, Myanmar by scooter is a brilliant and inexpensive way to see the thousands of temples, monasteries, and pagodas that are dotted all over Bagan.

It’s cheap and relatively safe as long as you get decent helmets, don’t drive like the locals and take it easy when you are riding off-road. Common sense should always prevail!

We hire a scooter whenever we can in South-East Asia. I can highly recommend it in Bagan because a lot of the sights are very spread out. it would cost you a fortune to go sightseeing in a taxi. You can always go on organised tours but we prefer to do our research first and just go.

So many times on our travels we’ve gone off the beaten track and encountered things we would never have seen on an organised tour, plus you can take your time and please yourself.