To pay my rather large mortgage I work as a Web Project Manager. I’m a contractor so this gives me the flexibility and the resources to travel as frequently as possible. When I’m not in contract managing the development of large scale websites i’m a published travel photographer.

You’ll notice there’s a mixture of snapshots, videos and ‘hopefully’ more professional looking photographs on this website. Some of the photo’s on this website have a feint watermark on them, this is to stop people nicking them because they are commercially available to buy and download (at a much higher quality and resolution) via my online portfolio. You’ll find links to my portfolio at the bottom of each blog piece.

The other photo’s were generally taken by Serena my fianc√© on a Coolpix digital camera. Feel free to use these if you wish but please link back to my site and provide the necessary image credits. Good Karma will be yours and I won’t have to come round to your house and hit you over the head with a shovel for being a naughty image thief.

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