Bus journey from Kawaguchiko to Mishima | Wander around Mishima town


After a great time in Kawaguchiko, we had to head off to Mishima to get the Bullet Train to Kyoto.

There’s not a great deal to do in Mishima but it was a pleasant enough place to visit for a day before getting the train.


Toyoko-Inn hotel


Our hotel – Toyoko-inn hotel as seen from the bus/train terminus.

Mishima Hotel View

Mount Fuji as seen from our hotel.

Hotel Hallway


Breakfast area

Breakfast Area

The hotel lobby cum breakfast area.


Help yourself to a razor, comb and soap if you need it.

Mishima Town

Mishima Town

The train line runs through the town. There’s Mount Fuji in the distance. In this part of Japan, you are never too far away from Mount Fuji.

Mishima Park

A very cute water feature in the town.

Mishima Shutter

I love the artwork on this shutter.

Mishima Pond

Pond with Koi swimming around in it.

Mishima restaurant

We stopped off for a bite to eat in this restaurant.

Mishima restaurant

Mishima menu

The food was lovely (yet again) and the lovely lady who served us gave us a lucky coin at the end of our meal that I still have to this day.

Mishima Park

We spent a couple of hours wandering around Mishima Park.

Mishima Park

Mishima Train Station (waiting for the Bullet Train)

Mishima Train Station

Toyoko-inn hotel is a good choice because it’s a very short walk away from the train station.

Mishima Train Station

Again, spotlessly clean train station. Don’t stand too close to the edge though because when those Bullet Trains fly through they produce a hell of a lot of wind.

Mishima Train Station

All the cars/carriages are marked on the floor so you know where to stand.

You can watch a video of our trip on the Bullet Train here.


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