Cape Town

Cape Town was the first stop on my first round the world trip back in 2002. I went to South Africa first because I wanted to fulfil a lifelong dream of seeing Great White Sharks face to face; from the safety of a cage of course.

Trip date

July 2002

I took a very early digital camera with me to Cape Town; it was a little Minolta compact camera and had about 4 megapixels if I remember rightly. I’ve still got it somewhere.

This is the room I stayed in for a few nights.

Hotel Bedroom

Here’s the view from one side of the balcony. I remember sitting here having a fag (back in the days when I used to have the occasional ciggy) just drinking it all in.

After months of saving up and looking forward to this trip, I was finally here at the start of what was to be an amazing adventure.


A very cloudy table mountain visible from the other side of the balcony. I never actually got to go up the mountain because it remained incredibly cloudy the whole time I was there.

Table mountain

A very cloudy and moody Cape Town.

Cloudy Cape Town

The top end of Long Street; heading back towards my hotel.


Wherever you are in Cape Town you can’t escape Table Mountain.

Palm Trees

Seals sunning themselves in the harbour.

Seals in the harbour

The Old Port Captains building at Cape Town harbour.


Harbour bench

A local school choir having a good old sing at the harbour.


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