Adams Peak (Sri Prada)

The main reason for coming here was to climb Adams Peak / (Sri Prada – or sacred footprint). Adam’s Peak is a 2,243 m (7,359 ft) tall mountain located in central Sri Lanka that thousands of pilgrims visit so that they walk up the 5,500 steps to the summit and welcome the sunrise in honour of Lord Buddha.

Trip date

2nd – 5th April 2011

Where we stayed

Slightly Chilled, Adams peak road, Main street, Nallathnniya 22070, Sri Lanka

What we did

We set off just after midnight to attempt the arduous stair climb to the summit of Adams Peak.

Adams Peak (Sri Prada in the distance)

Adams Peak (Sri Prada) in the distance.


Me pulling a face at the start of the walk up to the summit of Adams Peak. It was just past midnight so I was probably a bit delirious and possibly a bit pissed to boot.


Ascending Adams Peak. Sorry about the time stamp. Serena took these pictures and didn’t realise they were timestamped. To add insult to injury the time is wrong. I don’t know what’s the world coming to eh? You can’t get the staff.

Me and my trusty Nikon.


Looking back at some of the 5,500 steps to the top.

What was utterly amazing was the age of some of the pilgrims that were making their way to the top. We’re talking about elderly people who must have been in their 70’s and 80’s slowly making their way up.


Here’s a picture of a delightful card Serena bought to send to someone from one of the myriad of shops you encounter on your way up and down Adams Peak. What more could you want? A couple of cute kittens and a mouse holding a birthday cake?

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