Long Beach Cottage in Induruwa was one of the first places we stayed in at the start of our round the world trip back in 2011.

I remember waking up here the first time; hearing the sea and thinking we’ve got a whole year of adventures ahead of us. Nothing compares to that feeling. It was that feeling that made me think that we had done the right thing by packing up our life in London, saying goodbye to our families and going for it.

I’ll never forget how I felt that day.

Trip date

13th – 15th March 2011

Where we stayed

Long Beach Cottage, 550, Galle Road, Induruwa, Sri Lanka

What we saw and did


Here’s me wandering along the beautiful beach. I remember feeling about a stone lighter because all of the worries and hassles of modern life did not exist anymore. At least for the next year anyway.

I’m never happier than when I’m walking round in the sunshine in a new country with my camera in my hand and a backpack on my back. I don’t need much more in life.

Long Beach Cottage was a great place to stay. I remember being made to feel very welcome. Everywhere we visited in Sri Lanka was very welcoming. The room was pretty basic but when you are travelling you learn to accept that you don’t need most of the material things you have back at home.


Breakfast – 70 metres from the beach.  At certain times of the year sea turtles come up onto the beach to lay their eggs.

The beautiful Induruwa beach.

Induwura Beach

A local fisherman trying to catch his supper.

Induruwa, fisherman

A tuk tuk parked up near Induruwa beach.

Tuk Tuk on beach - Induruwa

A local blacksmith at work in Induwura town.


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