Miami was the last stop on our 2011/12 round the world trip. We stayed here for a couple of nights before heading home. By the time we got to Miami, I think it’s fair to say we were ready to come back to Blighty and were looking forward to seeing our friends and families again and getting back to a sense of normality.


Trip date

March 2012


Where we stayed

Daddy O Hotel, 9660 E Bay Harbor Dr, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154, USA


What we did

We stayed in a fantastic hotel called ‘Daddy O’ in a place called Bay Harbor Islands which was about a 30 minute bus ride to Miami Beach.

Daddy O was a great hotel, we loved staying there and would definately stay there again if we ever found ourselves in that part of the world. Serena loved the free hot chocolate they had in the lobby (she’s a hot chocolate connoisseur) and if I remember rightly the coffee was very nice as well. In fact here’s me glugging on said coffee whilst behaving foolishly as usual.

JV Miami pillow 

Sometimes you’ve just got to balance a cylindrical pillow on yer head.

Where and what we ate

On our final night we walked a couple of miles from the hotel to an Irish bar called Flanigans. We ate and drank a lot and rolled back to the hotel when we could consume no more.

Flanigans Miami 

I’ve still got this cup somewhere.

Serena nachos Miami 

Believe it or not this was a starter!!!! No wonder the USA has an obesity problem.

I think we managed to eat the top layer and no more.

JV Miami 

Not a bad pint of the black stuff the night before we headed home.

Travelling round the world full time is hard work. Don’t get me wrong it’s immense fun and you will have the time of your life but living out of a backpack and constantly being on the move is tiring. I can remember necking this lovely pint of Guinness (in fact I think i ended up having quite a few) and reflecting on the millions of amazing experiences we’d had and feeling a great sense of achievement.

Serena had pretty much arranged the whole trip and had done a spectacular job. We got to the end of the trip totally unscathed and about two stone lighter than we were at the start of it. Needless to say within about a month of getting back to the UK we’d put the weight back on again.

As I write this retrospectively all I want to do is hit the road again. Depending on how things pan out over the next year or so we might rent our house out and do just that or we might decide to take a year out, stay in the house and just have a shed load of trips.

Whatever happens as long as we are in the sunshine, free from the trappings of normality and doing what we love to do it will be great.

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