I spent three nights in Berlin back in 2018. 

It was only a flying visit but I had such a good time. I tend to cram a lot in when on a short trip and one of my favourite things to do in a new city is to take a bus tour if they are available. It’s a great way to see all the major sites.

I nearly got run over by a bus when visiting the area where David Bowie and Iggy Pop used to live back in the 60’s but that’s a different story. Would have been a cool place to cop it though.

I decided to visit Friedrichshain as it had a preserved section of the Berlin Wall which has pretty much been turned into an art installation which is absolutely worth the visit. Friedrichshain reminds me of Camden Town in London. It’s got a very bohemian, alternative vibe and I love it.

My Travels Through Germany