What’s it like travelling from Las Vegas to LA by Greyhound Bus?

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We decided to get the Greyhound Bus from Las Vegas to LA as it’s one of the things you do when travelling around America. Serena had been on a Greyhound before but I hadn’t so I wanted to see what it was like.

We booked our tickets via the Greyhound Bus website (link below).

We stayed at the Downtown Las Vegas hotel the night before so it only took us ten minutes to walk to the bus station. We waited about 20 minutes before boarding the bus and sat in our reserved seats.

The bus was fairly empty to start with and throughout the journey, people got on and off as you would expect.

You’ll see from the video that the bus we were on was a bit grotty and worn and probably one of the older buses but it was ok. There’s plenty of leg-room and the seats are pretty comfortable (when they aren’t moving around on their own accord) 🙂

I had to move to a different seat because the bolts holding it to the floor had come loose so it slid all the way back into the seat behind.

I’ve been on buses, coaches and trains all over the world that state that they have onboard WiFi but in my experience, it very rarely works and this bus was no exception. The signal drops in and out and eventually, you just give up.

There was a toilet on board as you would expect which was functioning.

We stopped at the Barstow Greyhound Bus Station for a lunch break. There’s plenty of food options here. We went for a Subway sandwich each, had a drink, freshened up and got back on the bus for the final leg of the journey to LA.

Don’t be surprised if you pick up an ex-convict or two just released from the Victorville Correctional Centre on your journey. We did.

We eventually arrived at the Downtown LA Greyhound Bus Station. The WiFi in the bus station wasn’t working so we had to walk to the McDonalds around the corner so we could order an Uber to take us all the way to our motel in Santa Monica.

I love going on bus journeys because you get to see a lot. I’ve flown between Vegas and LA before so it was great to look out the window and see this part of the US from the ground.

It’s a relatively cheap and comfortable way to get around America and I can highly recommend it. Also, I believe they have been upgrading their buses recently so the experience should be even better.

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